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It has been a busy time for those dropping rubbish and cars in the Parish with I think a record eleven heaps in just one day.
Praise where praise is due and Brentwood Council reacted pretty quickly. Well done to those who reported these heaps.
It is the raising of awareness outside of our Parish amongst those that have the power to stop this blight that is important and the Neighbourhood Watch has set up and launched a one stop reporting email for us in Navestock so that key people such as the Police, Councillors, Chief Execs. etc can share our pain. THIS NEW EMAIL IS.... You still need to report it to the BBC as usual but also to this email ( which will only forward to those recipients and will not reply) the more outsiders we inform the more action we will generate.
Your Parish Council are helping to finance number of mobile cameras for immediate deployment and going forward there is a plan to put a ring of steel round the Parish covered by a series of tamper proof, ram proof special cameras to which ANPR ( number plate recognition) will all be attached on each of the roads entering Navestock which can defeat those that cover their plates with a reflective. Thus every vehicle entering Navestock will be logged.
The first site has been identified and work is going ahead soon to get this in operation soonest . It is not the dumping that is so much the problem as those that do the dumping and a concerted effort must be made to raise their awareness of the anti-social thing they do. To this end, every heap is examined for tell tale evidence of the owner. Court action will be taken.

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